Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sony Xplod in-car CD receivers with USB

Sony Xplod in-car CD receivers with USB

Sony has pulled the covers off two new Xplod in-car CD receivers, the CDX-GT920U and CDX-GT620U.  Support for CD and radio is a given, but they also have USB ports for playing music stored on memory sticks and Sony’s Quick BrowZer technology to speed tracklist navigation.  Both have fold-down, removable face-plates, which in the GT920U’s case is motorized.

Sony Xplod CDX-GT920U

Sony Xplod CDX-GT620U

Sony has fitted front mounted mini-jacks for plugging in other audio sources, and the GT920U is also compatible with iPods, HD and satellite radio (albeit with accessories required).  MP3, non-DRM AAC and non-DRM WMA files are supported, both on CD or memory stick.  Power output for both units rates at 52 watts x 4, with three additional pre-outs.

Personally they’re a bit too garish for my tastes - I like my stereo to look integrated with the rest of the dash, rather than resembling a button-encrusted barnacle clinging to it - but Sony do have a reputation for solid sound and build quality.  Both include a credit-card style remote.  The Xplod CDX-GT620U is available now, priced at around $160.  Meanwhile the Xplod CDX-GT920U will be available in June, priced at around $250.

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Friday, May 9, 2008

Sony makes the Microvault USM-L flash drive available in various candy colors

Sony makes the Microvault USM-L flash drive available in various candy colors

Sony Microvault USM-L flash drive

Sony has made available a slew of tiny USB flash drives in its Microvault product line, branding these babies as the USM-L. The drives measure in at 0.69 x 0.33 x 2.44-inches and weighing only around 0.32-ounces, who would think that the USM-L flash drives can store as much as 16GB of data? Well, that’s how flash drives are nowadays, the smaller they get, the larger their storage capacities are, and this is particularly true with the Sony USM-L flash drives.

As if the USM-L flash drives were not small enough, Sony even made use of the Click mechanism which makes it shorter when it is connected to your machines. This also enables Sony to do away with the common USB flash drive design that comes with a cap that you have to pull out to reveal the flash drive’s USB connector. With the USM-L, all you have to do is to slide out the flash drive’s body to reveal the USB connector.

The USM-L flash drive also sports a LED indicator that illuminates when the flash drive is in used. And like other Microvault flash drives, the USM-L supports Windows Vista ReadyBoost utility, Sony’s Virtual Expander for file compression, and Plug’n Play technology. Perhaps most important, the USM-L flash drives come in 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB and 16GB storage capacities.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sony's PFR-V1 headset rated "very good" despite impracticability

Sony's PFR-V1 headset rated "very good" despite impracticability

It was a long time coming, but we finally have a full review of Sony's PFR-V1 'personal field speakers.' C|net's intrepid review team took the headphones for a spin and not unsurprisingly found them to be 'expensive and impractical' and almost entirely lacking in bass. Goofy looks aside, they did move the music from inside your skull to in front of your face as promised. Of course, that little novelty comes with excessive sound leak to the annoyance of those around you. As such, the headphones are limited to at-home or closed-door office use unless you relish the scorn of others. C|net still rewards the $500 oddity with a generous 7 out of 10 (very good) rating despite a long list of qualifications.

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Sony HDCAM SRW-5100 Studio Player

Sony HDCAM SRW-5100 Studio Player

Sony introduced its new SRW-5100 studio player with an announcement to upgrade the digital cinema production workflow for HDCAM SR video tape recorders. The Sony SRW-5800, along with the complete array will now have new file transfer capabilities. The new HKSR-5804 file transfer option enables transfer of Digital Picture Exchange (DPX) files over Gigabit Ethernet networks. The enhancement also allows the player to record standard HD signals and uncompressed data at 4K full aperture. Other updates include data back-up and archiving with picture monitoring.

‘HDCAM SR technology is the industry format of choice for digital TV and motion picture production, as well as for high-end post production and computer graphics,’ said Rob Willox, director of Sony Electronics’ content creation group. ‘With these new capabilities and products, our decks greatly improve and enhance the HD and digital intermediate production workflows.’

The SRW-5100 model offers 880Mbps ‘playback-only’ capability with 1080 HQ and Dual-Stream modes. The deck supports playback with HDCAM® and Digital Betacam formats. The deck is best for on-set dubbing, screening, or outputting HDV™ content. Other features included are HKSR-5804 file transfer and 2x high-speed feed.

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sony Ericsson W61S Phone

Sony Ericsson W61S Phone
sony-ericsson-w61s.jpgSony Ericsson has introduced a new phone that is sure to rock the camera-phone market. This time, its the Cyber-shot W61S, a new 5.1-megapixel camera phone with 3x optical zoom and smile shutter technology. This slider phone features 'Exmor' CMOS matrix, the same sensor technology from Sony's Alpha DSLR.

The W61S can work in CDMA 1 X WIN networks supporting EV-DO Rev.A technology, and supports Bluetooth, so the user can feel free without wires. GPS-functionality enhances photo capabilities of the phone.

In addition to photo and GPS the new Cyber-shot phone can boast of a big widescreen 2.8' TFT VGA display, which can be used as a pocket TV display. If the this display isn't big enough for you to share the content, the developers added a video out.

Sony Ericsson W61S Specifications:
* Networks: CDMA1X WIN
* Dimensions: 50x114x22 mm
* Weight: 149 g
* Display: 2.8' widescreen, 480x800 pixels, 262K colors
* microSD storage cards
* Camera: 5.11-megapixel, CMOS
* Payment, music and navigation services

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Sony Ericsson W760 pics

Sony Ericsson W760 picsThe W760 is a Walkman® phone that you will want to take with you everywhere. This is where the added protection from the multipurpose Active Speaker MAS-100 comes in. Announced today, it acts as a good-looking protective case, a speaker to let you play your tunes even louder and an FM radio antenna.

‘People today are always on the move so it’s important that they can stay in touch and have their entertainment at their fingertips,’ said Ben Padley, Head of Music Marketing at Sony Ericsson. ‘The W760 fits perfectly into this lifestyle. It is bold, action-packed and takes the Walkman® phone beyond just music.’

W760 Walkman® phone – Enjoy and share – anywhere in the world

Click here for pics

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Sony to show its flagship DSLR 'α900' at P&I 2008

Sony to show its flagship DSLR 'α900' at P&I 2008

SEOUL, Korea (AVING Special Report on '2008 P&I') -- Sony showcased its flagship DSLR camera ‘α900’ during Photo&Imaging(P&I) 2008 held in Seoul, Korea.

Sony completed its full line-up of DSLR camera from entry-level model to that of professionals with this α900, a flagship model of the 'α’ brand. Unveiled at PIE(Photo Imaging Expo) 2008 in Japan for the first time, it attracted visitors with its 24.81 megapixel full-frame image sensor.

The company plans to launch the α900 in late this year.

< AVING Special Report Team for '2008 PHOTO & IMAGING': Jason Lee, Abe Shim, Danyan Yu, Min Choi, Miso Kim, Sophia Kwag, Annie Park, Paul Shin, Rachel Ji, Isaac Kim, Risa Koo >

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